Privacy Policy

Personal Privacy

At International Web Solutions we take your privacy and security very seriously.
No personal information is ever released about you including your e-mail address to to outside sources.
Your hosting, name, address and all your personal information is securely stored and only accessible by the system administrator.

Account Security

All billing and credit card transactions are processed by PayPal through you in which case they and you are totally responsible for transfer of your funds to us for your monthly billing.

Pay Pal Accepted

For your convenience and protection your hosting account activation is automatic and immediate subject to the following conditions. Items number 2 and 3 are required in all circumstances to get a hosting account with us.

For Quick 24 hour or less Account Activation:

1. You must have a verified PayPal payment for your first months service to us.
2. You must provide the information for your website domain name or have ordered a domain name from us.
3. You must fill out your accurate address, phone number, and contact e-mail address. We will verify your email address and if it is not correct we will not be able to process your account.

If you have done all the following correctly then your account will be verified and will be setup instantly and activated within 24 hours. If you can not meet item 1 requirement then your account would be a moderated signup. See below.
If items 2 and 3 are not correct then your account request would be deleted.

If you have any questions then please contact us for detailed information to help you with your account setup and website activation. A systems admin will setup your web services account and send you complete details or accessing your site.

Website and Domain Setup

  • Web Server
    • We maintain the server totally for you.
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  • Webite Design
    • We can setup and design your website using a design where you can update by ftp.
    • Or we can setup Wordpress for you with a mobile ready template all set for you to use with ease.
    • In most cases the website design would be done free if you sign up for a hosting plan prepaid for 6 months or more.

Total Web Hosting Solutions for Small Business Owners

At Internatioanl Web Solutions we take the hassle out of setting up a website ready for the online business world. Just let us know what type of site you need and how you would like it setup and our team can get started on doing all the work for you. Contact us and let us know what you would need and we will send you detailed information and pricing. In most cases we can design a basic site and set everything up for you totally free and all you would pay is your hosting fees. We manage everything on our dedicated high speed servers. You only have to run your business and watch your profits rise.

Online Small Business